ENT Students Nose Traumatic
5Fracture nasal bones
It is due to direct blunt trauma.

*Clinical picture: deviated nose, edema and epistaxis.

*Investigations: X-ray and CT scan

*Treatment: reduction under GA with external nasal splinting.

10Foreign body nose
It may be hard object, vegetable or batteries.
*Clinical picture:
-History, bad odor and offensive unilateral nasal discharge in a child.
-Examination will reveal the fireign body.

*Investigations: CT scan may be needed in neglected cases

*Treatment: removal under GA.

15Oro-antral fistula
A fistula between the oral cavity and the maxillary sinus antrum mainly on the alveolar margin.

*Investigations: CT PNS: will show the defect & associated sinusitis.

Surgical rapair if it doesnot heal spontanously.

20CSF rhinorrhea
It is escape of CSF from the nose through a defect in the dura & skull base.

*Clinical picture: unilateal watery discharge.

*Investigations: CT PNS with omnipaque and MRI with gadolinium
-Surgical endoscopic if not healed spontanously