ENT Students Larynx Symptoms of laryngeal diseases
51-Horseness of voice
Hoarseness is the change of quality and timber of voice which becomes rough, harsh and low pitched.
It may be due to congenital disorders as web, all traumatic, inflammatory and neoplastic conditions affecting the vocal cords. Vocal cord paralysis and CAJ arthritis may also be causes.
Stridor is a difficulty noisy breathing due to partial upper airway obstruction in the larynx and trachea.
1-Congenital as web and laryngomalcia.
2-Traumatic conditions and subglottic stenosis.
3-Infalmmations either acute or chronic as granulomas.
4-Benign and malignant tumors.
5-Bilateral cord paralysis.
Clinical picture of stridor:
-The pateint presents with difficult noisy breathing especially during inspiration with irritability and restlessness. He might also have tachycardia, working alae nasi, congested neck veins and suprasternal and intercostal retractions.
Finally the patient will arrest unless saved by tracheostomy.
Treatment is tracheostomy.

Tracheostomy is a surgical opening in the anterior wall of the trachea.