ENT Students Ear Anatomy
5External ear
The external ear consists of:
2-External auditory canal (EAC).
3-Tympanic membrane (drum).

15External auditory canal

20Tympanic membrane (drum)

PF: pars flaccida.
AMF: anterior malleolar fold.
LP: lateral process of malleus.
MH: malleus handle.
UM: umbo.
Cone: cone of light.
PT: pars tensa.
AR: anular ring.
PMF: posterior malleolar fold

25Middle ear
The middle ear (ME) consists of:
1-Roof (tegmen tympani).
2-Floor (Jugular vein).
3-Lateral wall (drum).
4-Medial wall (inner ear).
5-Anterior wall.
6-Posterior wall.


40Eustachian tube
Tube connecting the middle ear to the nasopharynx.

42Mastoid bone
It is a pyramidal bone contains air cells the largest of which is called the mastoid antrum.

45Inner ear
The inner ear consists of:
2-Vestibule (utricle & saccule).
3-Semicircular canals.

50The organ of corti
It consists of:
1-Outer hair cells.
2-Inner hair cells.
3-Tectorial membrane.
4-Basilar membrane.

52Mechanism of hearing

55Ear examination