Name: Wondimagegn assefa
Subject: Howareyou?DrMohamed Mhamud Ineed contact you and discus about my ear patient doter .thank you for your healp
Answer: wellcome to contact me any time Tel: 00202-01002334479 facebook: Prof.Dr.Kotb clinic

Name: nurfatin
Title: reinke's edema
Subject: salam alaik doctor. can you explain the details about reinke's edema? what is the causes, complications, treatment for this disease? what is the complications of the surgery? and what if i don't want to do the surgery? is there any alternative way forr the treatment instead of surgery? syukran in advance doctor :)
Answer: It is usually due to long standing laryngeal irritation either due to smoking or reflux of the gastric juices. It leads to voice change, voice breaks and sometimes difficulty in breathing.Treatment depends on long standing treatment of gastric reflux , stoppage of smoking and voice rest together with surgery. If you dont want surgery you will stay as you are as regard the voice and breathing

Name: Muhammad Tuaha
Title: Voice Loss
Subject: Dr, At the age 15 my voice is totally change like girls.Now i am 19 year but my voice is too low and thin like girl. It is very difficult me to speak loud in the class. I visit many doctor but no one can tell me right prescription. Pleas tell me the solution of this matter.
Answer: You should visit the phoniatric doctor you need voice therapy and you might need cord injection.

Name: George Mururu
Subject: Hello doctor my name is GEORGE i am writing on behalf of my brother who is 28yrs he was born with his ears covered you cannot see the opening and hearing for him is a problem whenever he is trying talk with a phone he has to place it above his ear inorder to hear.when he was young the doctors tried to operate him but realized his ears are covered by bones so it was not possible kindly advise on the best way to solve his problem he is in kenya. thankyou George
Answer: He needs to perform CT scan and hearing assessment,in order to decide the need or the possibility of an operation. He can also use hearing aid. You can follow on:

Name: anas
Subject: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ذكتور انا اعاني الم في الأدن ورغبة في الحك وكانت تخرج منها رائحة كريهة واحيانا اصاب بالتعب
Answer: هذه تحتاج الى الكشف و لكنها غالبا حساسية بالجلد و بعض شمع الأذن

Name: Tan
Title: Bleeding out of both ear
Subject: Bleeding out of both ear BP 145/99 Thank you!
Answer: Sorry being late: Bleeding from ears needs medical consultation to assess the condition. It could be sort of inflammation which needs antibiotics. It could be something else, say due to high BP( which is very rare condition). You should go to a spechialist immediatly.

Name: aya
Subject: دكتوربعد اذن حضرتك كنت عايزه اعرف يعنى ايه round window buffle effect ?
Answer: The round window moves to the out side while the oval window moves inside & the vice versa. This is how the inner ear fluid moves inside the inner ear to stimulate the hair cells. If this window is not present fluid will not move it is not compressable.

Name: عماد
Subject: عملت عملية عظمة الركاب من 10 أيام وبعد مافقت من البنج سمعت كويس جدا ولكن بعد يومين من العملية حسيت بالم شديد فى اذنى وبعد الكشف وجدت التهاب بالاذن الخارجية واخذت مضاد للالتهاب ولكن االان ينزل سائل اصفر من ااذنىمع العلم ااننى لا اسمع باذنى الان الجاء هل هذا يؤثر على العملية وهل من الممكناستعادة السمعب
Answer: ان شاء الله لا يؤثر على العملية حيث ان التهاب الاذن الخارجية بعيد عن ممكان العملية

Name: mohammed samir
Title: complications of otitis media
Subject: dear doctor , before any thing special thanks for your efforts . i want diagrams for each complication of otitis media that can make me understand the subject & i can draw in the exam thank you very much .
Answer: Dear Dr Mohamed You can refer to my book it is loaded with diagrams together ith the website

Name: David
Title: Fibrous Dysplasia
Subject: Hello there! My 18 month old son was diagnosed with fibrous Dysplasia on the maxilla similar to the boy you have on your page. It was causing his eye to push up since it was push thru the orbit floor. What was the final outcome of the boy on your picture? surgery etc? It would be very helpful info!! Thanks
Answer: Mr David: Actually she was a girl. Surgery is the only option you have though you have to do it untill needed. Surgery itself is for the cosmetic appearance & to control functional problems as comprression of nerves, but it is not the cure. Recurrance is not granteed after surgery so it is not performed unless there is a real prolem. My patient was postponed for almost 5 years untill she needed an operation.

Name: Shao-Cheng Liu
Title: asked for permission to use your picture
Subject: Dear Dr. Kotb. I'm otolaryngologist from Taiwan. Recently, I would like to publish my work regarding mastoidectomy. I'm amazing at your beautiful picture ( regarding the indtroduction of mastoid surgery. May I use your picture in my document. It will be my great honor that to have the chance to use this picture. And, if you allow me to use it, can you sent the picture without label and mark to my e-mail address: Thanks very much
Answer: Dear Dr Shao: Thanks for the nice words. You may use the picture only in one condition , that is referal to the author (the web site)with its lable on it. Thanks.

Name: Blake
Title: My Ear
Subject: Hey Dr. Mohamed. I have a cyst on the top of my ear exactly like a person has in one of your pictures on here. Its the picture where the cyst is on the upper ear, and in the middle of it looks like it had been cut. That cyst is identical to mine. i had mine lanced by an ENT yesterday and a lot of blood and clear fluid came out. i have been cleaning it out this morning. The ENT said he doesn't really know what it is, so he is having some test run. so I got on the internet and found this pic on your page and its the exact same of what i have. Anyway you can tell me how to treat it, what it is, and what cause it? Thank you so much!
Answer: Dear Sir: Could you please tell me which picture you mean, under which title. Any way the diagnosis of your case is the title of the picture. A cyst may be an abscess, trauma, allergy, herpes viral infection or others.

Name: Joel A. Vilensky, Ph.D.
Title: Professor
Subject: Dr. Kolb: I am a Professor of Anatomy at Indiana University and I am currently writing a book on the cranial nerves for Wiley-Blackwell. I have seen some of the wonderful images on your website and I wish to use three of them in the book. Would you grant me permission to use images from your website? I would of course note in the legend to the figures that the images came from your website. Thank you. Joel A. Vilensky, Ph.D
Answer: Professor Dr Joel: I do respect your request. Yes, you can use some of the website images, but could you please inform me about them, I may have better images that can help you. Much obliged Dr M Kotb, MD

Name: mai mostafa
Subject: Dear dr. Kotb , first i wanna thank you very much for this useful website ,you helped me alot in understanding the ENT course .May Allah bless you :) second , i have a problem i hope you can help me since i was born , i had hypertrophied adenoid & tonsillitis & i was breathig from my mouth i did the operation when i was 9 yrs.. after yrs i visited a doctor & he told me that the operation is perfect .. gradually i learned to breath from my nose & till now i breath from it when i am awake. the problem is when i am sleeping .. i was using to breath from mouth & til now i am breathing from it when i am sleeping .. i cannot control it as i am unconious & there's snoring .. i always have a bad mouth breath although i brush my teeth daily what should i do to get rid from this problem ? thank you in advance
Answer: Thanks for your nice words. First most probably you still have some sort of nasal obstruction (for example hypertrophied inferior turbinate due to some allergic process). This is the cause of night snoring. Second, mouth breathing does not cause bad odour as you think, it is mainly due to mal-digestion or reflux disease. So you should perform CT scan paranasal sinus, have ENT examination again, use decongestant & antihistamincs (as clarinase) & nasal steroid spray (as Avamys)& anti-reflux (as Antopral 40mg before breakfast, Mosapride tab before each meal).

Name: Dr.Nermin
Title: inquiry about nasal septum surgery
Subject: Dear Doctor, My brohter, 30 ys old, had a nasal septum surgery before, 5 ys ago, he still has problem in breathing, plus recurrent URT infections, i heard about new methods for surgery in that filed , i wish i can get help as regards this please. he may need a plastic surgery too. best regards, Dr.Nermin
Answer: Dr Nermin;Sorry for the delay. Nasal obstruction could be due to deviated nasal septum or due to another causes as hypertrophied inferior turbinate or others. CT scan should specify the cause. Surgery does not prevent URTI. There are new methods in treating inferior turbinate not the septum. Plastic nasal surgery has no relation to the functional surgery nor the URTI. It is difficult to perform both plastic & turbinate (or others) surgeries simultaneously.

Name: hadeer alamah
Title: acute mastoiditis
Subject: why we treat acute mastoiditis resulting from chronic suppurative otitis media by doing cortical mastoidectomy not radical mastoidectomy and what is the difference between them thanks in advance doctor
Answer: Dr Hadeer: If acute mastoiditis occurs as a result of complicated cholesteatoma it will need canal wall down mastoidectomy (radical Mastoidectomy), but if it is due to acute otitis media especially in children (as the drum is thick & resists erosion), why we do radical , cortical mastoidectomy to remove the infected cells is enough. The difference between radical & cortical mastoidectomy is very big & kindly refer to the text of the website to understand it by diagrams.