Dr Mohamed Kotb
Dr Mohamed Kotb has graduated from the faculty of Medicine Cairo University & got MB & BcH degree in December 1995 with excellent degree with honor. He worked as a full time ENT resident in ENT department in Cairo University hospitals (Kasr Aini) from March 1998 till March 2001. During that period he has got the Master degree in ENT from the same faculty in November 2000. Later on, in August 2002 he was promoted to be as associate lecturer in the faculty of medicine Cairo University (Fayoum branch). In May of the same year, he has got the MD degree in ENT. Next, in September 2002 he became a lecturer in the same ENT department. In year 2008, He became a lecturer in the faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University after being established. At the beginning of year 2009 he was hired to be the head of the OR department in Fayoum University hospitals till the end of year 2011. He was promoted to be an associate professor at December 2011.
Dr Mohamed Kotb is an ENT consultant in El-Agoza Police Hospital since November 2012